This championship ran from 2021 to 2023 and has ended. Watch all races from previous seasons. Open videos
The organisation

The organisation

Just like the Ford Fiesta Sprint Cup, Mazda MX-5 Cup, Supercar Challenge and GT&Prototype Challenge, the BMW M2 CS Benelux Racing Cup is organized by V-Max Racing Management from Breda. The V-Max Racing Management team consists of Dick van Elk and Renata Aartsen. Both take care of the entire organization on a daily basis. During the race weekends, they are supported for the MX-5 Cup by a large team of enthusiastic volunteers who are always present at both national and international events.

“Racing is not only a physically strenuous sport, emotions can also run high. From the exuberant joy on the podium to the anger after a racing incident and disappointment after a technical failure. My job is to steer this in the right direction and I consider myself lucky that there is still an atmosphere of respect for each other among the drivers .”

Dick van Elk

In the BMW M2 Cup, the motto remains the same as in the other four racing classes. The teams and drivers are seen as the most important “customer”. After all, there are no events without the participants. The main task is to ensure that the organization runs smoothly, problems are solved and in case of racing incidents find collegial and acceptable solutions. The atmosphere in a racing class is decisive, unresolved conflicts are the beginning of the end.